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Kanger MT3 eGo Clearomizer 5pcs – Whole Vape Inc.

Kanger MT3 eGo Clearomizer 5pcs

Kanger MT3 eGo Clearomizer 5pcs - Whole Vape Inc. - 1

This item for sale in this listing is MT3, not MT3s. 

Resistance: 2.5 ohm
Capacity: 2.4 ML
Threading: eGo
Replaceable coil


The MT3, MT3s, T3 and T3s all can use each others parts.  The Original style T3/MT3 used bases with permanently attached coils.  The New "s" style T3s and MT3s now have coils that are removable from the base (like the eVod).  Each base will fit each other type, but only the "s" have the removable coils.

If you want to upgrade an older style T3 or MT3 you will need a newer MT3s or T3s base and a MT3s/T3s coil.

The MT3 and T3s both take the same coil head replacement.  You can also use older style bases (with the permanent coil) on the newer MT3s/T3s clearomizer.

Package contents:
5x MT3 eGo Clearomizer

$ 8.00