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Kennedy 24mm Competition RDA by Kennedy Enterprises – Whole Vape Inc.

Kennedy 24mm Competition RDA by Kennedy Enterprises

Kennedy 24mm Competition RDA by Kennedy Enterprises - Whole Vape Inc. - 1

Whole Vape is proud to introduce the revolutionary Kennedy 24mm RDA!!! This genuine American made RDA is a dream come true for all drippers alike, it solves multiple problems encountered by the traditional RDA’s sold today. First and foremost the Kennedy doesn’t have any air holes in its top cap, instead it collects air from the side of the RDA’s base and uses tubes to supply the air directly to your coils. This design enables one to be able to rest the Mod and RDA on your lap without the concern of juice dripping out and staining your clothing. This design also allows the cap to be installed in any orientation as the positioning of the cap no longer controls the airflow to the coils. The direct air tubes ensure perfect airflow your coils every time, without any obstructions or leaking juice.

The copper center post is the best conducting center post on the market and the large Phillips head screws ensure a tight build without stripping concerns for a long period of time. The 24mm series features 4 air tubes, doubled up from the 2 air tubes offered in the standard Kennedy RDA. It also comes with a short, subtle and ultra wide ¼” bore Dragon Drip Tip. The 24mm Kennedy RDA is designed to be your #1 competition RDA on the market and it exceeds its goals.

The extra thick RDA cap is less prone to absorbing heat from use thus allowing a “Chain” vaping session without experiencing a hot or even warm vape. This RDA is perfect for those who want RDA amounts of vapor but with a larger capacity and a lesser need to constantly keep re-dripping E-Liquid.


– Full Brass Construction
– Lead Free Copper Center Post
– Quad Direct Bottom Air Holes
– 4 x 3.5mm Air Tubes
– Larger Juice Well
– 20 Gauge Kanthal Support
– No Air Holes in the Top Cap
– No Leak Design
– Closed Deck
– Bottom airflow provided from the side to eliminate leakage
– Copper 510 Contact
– Beautifully Engraved Kennedy Logo on Top Cap
– Comes with Stainless Cap (1/4” Drip Tip and Built in O-Ring)
– Phillips Head Screws
– 24mm Diameter
– 510 threaded connection
– Made in the U.S.A.


– Base and Top Cap: Full SS/Brass/Copper Construction
– Air Tubes: 304 Stainless Steel at .130″ or roughly 3.3mm Diameter
– Center Post: C145 Copper
– Negative Posts: 303 Stainless Steel
– Post Holes: .078″ or roughly 2mm
– Screws: Phillips Head 2-56 Stainless Steel
– 30mm Long
– 24mm Diameter
– 1/4″ Drip Tip Hole
– 1mm Thick Top Cap
– 1.75mm Thick Base


1x Kennedy 24mm RDA by Kennedy
1x Top Cap
1x Stainless Dragon Tip

$ 109.99