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Avid Lyfe, Inc is located in Vista, California. We are a small family of employees that work diligently to create and manufacture the industry’s hardest hitting competition MODs, while paying close attention to innovative design and superb quality.

As the designers and manufacturer of quality competition mods, we are staying true to who we are, and we're not trying to be something else. We love our community, and it shows by our actions. We respect and appreciate that vapers have a choice in the products they choose. We are not the least expensive equipment out there, but if you need service on a product that AV made, you'll get it.

We do a considerable amount of listening to our customers about what they want, as well as always looking for ways to improve our designs. We constantly research metals and study their efficiency and performance before we use them, in order to guarantee every vaper has an incredible experience with an AV MOD. Through this research, we have chosen to use the highest quality materials to manufacture our products, in order to ensure the best results a vaper can achieve with our devices.

We are not for everyone who vapes. If you're looking for high performance quality competition mods you've come to the right place!
All of us at AV strive to deliver the best customer service experience possible and to support the community in any way we can.
We welcome any comments and suggestions from our customers.

Our family at Avid Lyfe Inc would like to welcome all AV product owners to our humble but expanding family.