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Trinity Glass Tank

Trinity Glass Tanks was  established in 2012.  We found a need for custom accessories for the vape industry. With eleven plus years  as a custom scientific glass blower, we were able to design unique glass and metal products for this industry.
Starting locally in Orange County, we have become one of top lead suppliers for more than 200 vape stores in  Southern California.  In 2014,  we have extended our sales to the European Countries.  Expected sales for 2015 in all 50 states and countries beyond.
Our products are considered  the best quality, uniqueness and versatility no like any others out on the market.
We trive ourselves to reinvent new products to keep up with the newest trends.  Always using the best quality materials for example our pyrex glass made in czech republic,leader on the medical area.
Our design team, has helped  design a new line of atomizer glass tanks in the vape industry.
Our priorities and continuous improvement efforts are focused on competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and high quality workmanship.

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