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Solid Silver Battle Deck by Comp Lyfe – Whole Vape Inc.

Solid Silver Battle Deck by Comp Lyfe

Solid Silver Battle Deck by Comp Lyfe
  • Made from solid 925 sterling silver for durability.
  • The deck, the post screws, and the bottom negative screw are all solid silver.
  • Less than 200 made {serialized}

Disclaimer: (1) While this metal is stronger than copper, if you torque down on the solid silver screws too hard you will break them. If you have the tendency to torque down hard on your screws, we recommend purchasing our medical grade titanium screws. (2) Bottom screw is supposed to fit snug- not tightened down with a screwdriver. The screw is not meant to be flush, it's meant to protrude out for safety. If you break this screw, it is not covered under warranty. (3) This particular deck is compatible with all Comp Lyfe caps, it is not suitable for AV caps or any other brand caps. If you run this deck with a AV cap the cap may rub the two sleeves on the side post because AV caps have a dome at the top on the inside. However- If you take the post sleeves off, it will work with AV caps.

$ 250.00